UBP Deputy and Presidential candidate Hasan Taçoy visited KTMMOB

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UBP Deputy and Presidential candidate Hasan Taçoy visited KTMMOB; National Unity Party (UBP) Deputy and Party President candidate Hasan Taçoy visited the Union of Chambers of Turkish Cypriot Engineers and Architects. During the visit, Taçoy met with KTMMOB President Seran Aysal, General Treasurer Mert Girgen and Union Board of Directors Active Member Evren Çavdır. He expressed his thoughts on policies, informatics, planned growth of the country, production and development, conveyed his views on the issues on the agenda and the legal regulations that need to be made. Taçoy said, “We have opened our thoughts to the opinion of the Union, and we will continue to make decisions together with the Union in consultation today and tomorrow, as we did yesterday, and to work for the public interest so that our new projects can be formed.” Aysal: “We evaluated the issues on the agenda in detail” KTMMOB Chairman Seran Aysal expressed his satisfaction with his visit as a politician who attaches importance to the views of the union, that they carry out important works with KTMMOB and its affiliated chambers in the Ministry and other duties he assumed with Hasan Taçoy, UBP Deputy and Party Presidential candidate. brought. Aysal stated that in addition to the detailed evaluation of the issues on the agenda, as the previous Minister of Economy and Energy, they had the opportunity to share their views and suggestions on the problems experienced in KIB-TEK. In the meeting, where the developments on the Cyprus issue were also discussed, Aysal conveyed the discomfort that the Turkish Cypriots do not have a say and are not included in the process regarding the projects coming from abroad, “KTMMOB will not allow any fait accompli, illegal practice and the Turkish Cypriots to be ignored in their own country. We conveyed that he will respond with action on the platform. As the Union, we will make the necessary contribution to the works that UBP Deputy Hasan Taçoy will do for the public benefit, as we did before. Wishing UBP Presidential candidate Hasan Taçoy success in the presidential election, Aysal underlined the importance of learning his thoughts, sharing and exchanging views on the issues on the agenda, and communication.

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