KTMMOB UNDP/EU Projects List

  • “Cyprus Environmental Stakeholder Form Project” “Cyprus Environmental Stakeholder Form Project” Project
    No: 47400-06-003ii UNDP-ACT.
    Year: 2007 – 2009
    Amount: 35,989,85 CYP
  • European Union (Cypriot Civil Society in Action I, EuropeAid) project titled “Determination of earthquake resistance of historical buildings in Cyprus”.
    CRIS 2008/172-607/KTMMOB/01
    Year: 2009- 2011
    Amount: 216,000 Euro
  • “Making the Labor Market more inclusive III”
    EU Project
    Amount: 43,290 Euro
  • ‘Turkmenköy Cultural Heritage Protection Circle Project’
    No:47402-07-001E-i – UNDP-ACT Project
    Amount: 475,500 Euro
  • Participatory Development Project (Future Together)
    No: 63362-10-001 UNDP-ACT project
    Year: 2010
    Amount: 264,450,00 Euro refund 61.412.41
  • The project “Forest Fire Prevention and Cooperation in the Buffer Zone” by the Environmental Technical Committee, supported by UNDP-ACT and financed by USAID and carried out by KTMMOB and ETEK
    No: 61638-12-001-i – UNDP-ACT project
    Amount: 24,227,92 Euro
  • Contract 2016/373-592 “Project Management and EUROCODES Capacity Building Project”
    Contract: 2016/373-592 EU project funded by the European Union under the VI grant program for Innovation and Change in Education
    Year: 2016-2018
    Amount: 83.712,75 Euro
  • Project design of existing classrooms to laboratories and/or missing infrastructure electricity, gas, plumbing, ventilation services of existing laboratories in some of the schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education.
    Contract No: 2019/410-216 – EU Project
    Year: 2019
    Amount: 19.800 Euro